martes, 16 de julio de 2013

July 10th (Day 4) Facilitator Entry

Integrando a México 2013
Day 4


Sweets came out after dinner. It started with Diano offering round local treats from Acapulco, and soon a crowd had gathered. A bag of strange lychee-like fruits found in Chiapas was brought out, and then, as more people were drawn in by the feast that was taking place, twists of dulce de leche were added to the mix. Stuffing oneself with ridiculous quantities of sugar is always a satisfactory experience in my opinion, but this was particularly wonderful in that everyone was sharing generously with no holds barred... small bars of tamarinda meant for one person were passed round and chunks bitten off by four or five participants, it was total chaos, but a chaos that we enjoyed and shared.

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