martes, 16 de julio de 2013

13th of july (Day 7) Facilitator Entry

Integrando a México 2013
Day 7


Today was the last day of the Talleres de Agencia de Paz (workshops teaching knowledge and skills needed by Agents of Peace), and, as it was a Saturday, we stayed in the comfort of the ranch and worked from the living room, the pagoda and even on the trampoline. The weather was perfect (indeed the best day so far), with brilliant sun from early morning all day long until it sunk behind the mountain in yet another colourful Guanajautu sunset. It was a day of conclusions, and reflections on the past week, and the feedback was excellent. Participants were tired after the packed week, but many commented not only on the new skills and knowledge they had picked up but also on how wowed they were by how quickly they had made friends and how well the group had bonded as a whole.

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